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🛹 What board do I have, demos, differences in models, water, and more!


How can I find out what board I have? (Our Evolution)

Over a decade in the making and this is what we have to show for it! See our boards from 2010 to present day!

10 Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Skateboard

Our top tips on what to look for in an electric skateboard!

How do I operate the board?

Not sure how an eSkate works? Check here for more info.

Can I demo one of your boards?

Yes, you absolutely can!!!

The difference between Carbon and Bamboo

Flexible or stiff? You decide!

The difference between street and all terrain

Choosing your wheel will affect what you feel, your overall ride time and the terrain you can explore.

Riders Over 100kg / 220lbs

The maximum load for the majority of our boards is 100kgs / 220lbs and 120kgs / 265lbs for the Carbon Hadean.

Are the boards waterproof?

We do not rate any of our boards to be water-resistant but in newer models, we have made every effort we can to protect the electrical components in accidental situations.

Can you ride on the beach?

Riding on the beach has the potential for the sand to get stuck in the components and the corrosion from the saltwater may harm the board.

Do you do trade ins?

We have begun a trial trade-in program in Australia only! Please see here for more details. Unfortunately, we do not offer trade-ins in these regions.

Do the boards have reverse?

There is no reverse function on our boards. Just turn around and kickpush ;)

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Safety never takes a holiday 🚫🏝