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The difference between Carbon and BambooUpdated 2 years ago

Our bamboo and carbon boards are mostly the same; the electrics, range and performance are the same (within each series), the only difference is the deck material which will affect what you feel when riding.

The bamboo decks are flexible; they absorb impact from the ground (kind of like suspension) giving you a smooth ride. It feels more like a traditional longboard, you can turn easier and feels more natural. These boards are perfect for beginners wanting to progress their skills.

The carbon decks are stiff; when you stand on the deck it feels like you’re standing on concrete as there is no flex, the only movement is in the trucks. This can be beneficial as it offers stability if you are travelling off road or at high speeds but can be trickier to manoeuvre. The longer standing platform and dropdown sections allow you to lock your feet in for extra grip.

If you’re unsure what’s best for you, check out the video below and don't forget you're always welcome to contact our team!


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