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How long will my board battery last before it needs replacing?Updated 2 years ago

Lithium-Ion batteries can last up to 700-1000 cycles, however, capacity will drop over time.

The Samsung 35e cells used in the GTR Standard Battery have an expected capacity drop of 40% at around 500 cycles. Later in the life of a GTR battery, the lower percentages may become less accurate.

All battery life can vary depending on conditions surrounding its use and storage. Here are some tips:

  • Exposing lithium-ion batteries to extreme temperatures (high or low) will have an effect on them so try to keep the battery at normal temperatures.
  • Although they shouldn’t develop a charge memory, it is healthy to run the battery down and recharge it opposed to constantly topping the battery up.
  • If being stored for a period of time, the battery is best left between 40 and 50% charged, leaving them fully charged for a long period of time has the potential to degrade the cells and leaving them empty or really low for a long time has the potential for the battery to drop below a rechargeable level.

See here for some more tips on making the most out of your battery.

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