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The difference between street and all terrainUpdated 2 years ago

Choosing your wheel will affect what you feel, your overall ride time and the terrain you can explore.

Street wheels give the highest top speed and the longest range as they have minimal rolling resistance. They are perfect for smooth paths and roads, but can be a little rough on bad quality surfaces. The diameter and gearing will affect your acceleration, braking and top speed. The hardness of the urethane will affect your grip and the ride feel.

Having proper pneumatic tyres make the ride more comfortable and dramatically increases the grip. What you lose in top speed and range, you make up for with the ability to skate off-road and on sketchy roads. The pneumatic tyres have extra room to absorb the ground leaving you with a smooth feeling, almost like you’re gliding. We recommend AT tyres for beginners as they provide a gentle learning curve and instil confidence in the rider. For experienced riders they let you push the limits of where you ride and how hard you do it.

The ultimate combination is the 2in1 because you get the best of both worlds with the all terrain and street setups!

Check out this video for some extra info.

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