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Are the boards waterproof?Updated 2 years ago

You rely almost exclusively on friction when skating, even more so when skating on a powered board. Skating on wet surfaces offers greatly reduced friction, resulting in it being highly dangerous and could have adverse effects on you, your board, and those around you. We do not recommend riding our boards in wet conditions.

We also do not rate any of our boards to be water-resistant but in newer models, we have made every effort we can to protect the electrical components in accidental situations. 

The Hadean, GTR and Stoke have dust seals that run the perimeter of the casing, along with conformal coating as added element protection. 

Although we have taken this extra effort, the electronics, bearings and other components may be damaged due to water which is not covered by warranty.

Be sure to always check the weather forecast before heading out on your adventures!

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