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How do I get the best range and performance out of my battery?Updated 2 years ago

Many factors can affect range such as rider weight, riding style, riding terrain, elevation gain, wheel and gear setup, belt tensions, tyre pressures, bearing condition, battery age and even ambient temperature. 

ECO mode has been designed specifically to get the best range by only allowing gentle trigger control and not exceeding speed. Other factors include:


Maintaining the Speed

There is a sweet spot on the board for the best efficiency. To achieve the maximum range out of your battery it's best to ride in full speed mode on the remote and only accelerate to 30-50% and hold this speed. This will still allow the board to travel fast (25kph / 15mph) without putting a large current through the electrical setup. To slow down you can then just go to neutral mode on the remote, carve to control speed, and only use the brake function if really needed. Maintaining speed is the best way to achieve the biggest range during your session. 

If you use the trigger in a heavy motion such as pulling all the way in just to get up to a medium speed and constantly using the brake function, this will reduce battery life. Also if you use a 'slower speed mode' and pull the trigger all the way in, this uses the same amount of current as the 'full speed mode' and will drain the battery faster (refer to your manual on how to switch between modes).


Board & Battery Maintenance

Board and battery maintenance are crucial to good battery life. In particular, check that the bearings are clean and rolling freely; if your wheels are getting worn, rotate or replace them; and ensure proper charging and board maintenance.

If you are riding with all terrain wheels, make sure that your tyre pressures are between 40 - 45 PSI for an efficient, fast roll. If they're flat, it will drain the battery quicker and reduce the range - think of how hard it is to ride a bike with flat tyres! 🚲💨

Also see our articles on maintaining your board and battery.


If you believe your range is uncharacteristically low and have considered the above, please view our troubleshooting guide.


Check our team testing the range on the Hadean series.

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