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General Product Questions

🛹 What board do I have, demos, differences in models, water, and more!

12 articles
Hadean Series

⛰️ Hadean specific FAQs

7 articles
GTR & Stoke Series 2

🔋 Your questions answered about the GTR & Stoke Series 2.

3 categories
Travelling with eSkate

✈️ Ever wondered if you can take your board on a plane?

3 articles
Wheels & Drive System

⚙️ Compound, wheel size, drive gears, etc.

5 articles
Component Compatibility

🔗 Retrofitting between generations or models

6 articles
Explore by Evolve

📍 Track your rides, compete on the leaderboard and customise settings!

3 articles
Project BMX

Project BMX specific FAQ's

4 articles