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Hadean Series

⛰️ Hadean specific FAQs and product information.

What does Hadean mean?

Hadean is the eon of history between the formation of the solar system and the formation of Earth! Click for more info.

What is the range, speed and charge time of the Hadean?

A maximum of 50kph / 31 mph and 65km / 40.4 m range!!

What is the difference between the Hadean and the GTR?

The Hadean boards are for those who want MORE!

How does the carbon fibre differ in the Hadean and the Carbon GTR?

Forged carbon VS the layering technique.

Is the Hadean deck the same size as the GTR?

The length between the drop-down section is longer, however, the wheelbase is the same as the GTR. Click for more info.

Is the Phaze Remote drop tested?

We vigorously tested the remote ourselves with military-grade specifications!

What is E-FOC?

Field Orientated Control (FOC) is an algorithm used to control motors.