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Project BMX

Project BMX specific FAQ's

Project BMX Specs

How fast does the bike go?. Up to 36kph/23mph Pedal Assist + Throttle. What is the range?. Up to 60km/37 miles with pedal assist. Up to 25km with throttle only. Does it have speed modes?. Project BMX has 5 different speed modes that the user can sele

Project BMX Serving and Maintenance

Does Project BMX come with warranty?. Yes, all bikes are covered by a limited 1 year warranty. How do I service Project BMX?. The Project BMX electronic system is seperate to the build of the bike. All traditional bike components (eg brakes, tyres, p

Project BMX Compatibility and Accessories

Are other wheels compatible with Project BMX?. The Project BMX comes with 24" x 2.10 tyres. Third party whees that match these dimensions are compatible. What tubes are compatible with the Project BMX wheels?. The Project BMX uses 24 x 1.9/2.125 " tu

General Project BMX Questions

Can I jump/do tricks on Project BMX?. Whilst the e-bikes custom chromoly frame has successfully passed ISO testing for robust riding, it is crucial to acknowledge the inherent risks in performing tricks and jumps. Prioritise safety, wear protective g