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General Project BMX QuestionsUpdated 7 months ago

Can I jump/do tricks on Project BMX? 

Whilst the e-bikes custom chromoly frame has successfully passed ISO testing for robust riding, it is crucial to acknowledge the inherent risks in performing tricks and jumps. Prioritise safety, wear protective gear and be aware that aggressive manoeuvres may lead to potential damage to the bike. Ride responsibly to ensure both your safety and the longevity of your equipment. 

Will there be updates available through the Evolve app? 

There is no updates available through the Explore by Evolve app.

Will there be ride tracking through the Evolve app? 

There is currently no bike specific ride tracking available through the Explore by Evolve app. We hope to have this feature available at a later date. 

Can I travel with the bike? Can it be taken on a plane? 

We recommend enquiring with your intended airline on their policies of travelling with e-biked as each airline may have different requirements. 

Is Project BMX waterproof?

Motor/Drive system - IPX6

Display - IPX5

Throttle - IPX5

Connectors - Battery to Drive system - IPX7

Is the bike legal and do I need a licence? 

No you don't need a licence. registration or insurance to ride an e-bike in Australia but it doesn't mean you can ride anywhere. We recommend checking out your state laws a regulations. This blog has some great information:

Why a mid drive motor and not a hub motor? 

Using a mid mounted motor in Project BMX goes far beyond maintaining aesthetics. These kinds of motors offer substantial benefits over hub drive systems found on other e-bikes. 

The mid drive allows for optimal weight distribution for handling, a smoother and more natural pedal assist feeling and eliminates the drawbacks of adding rotational mass to the rear wheel. They are also quieter and being connected directly to the crank increases the motors efficiency to make the most of the bikes range. 

Why does Project BMX not come with hydraulic brakes? 

The choice to opt for mechanical brakes is aimed to preserve the traditional BMX ride experience that many enthusiasts appreciate. Mechanical brakes provide a familiar feel that aligns with the classic BMX riding style. Electronic or hydraulic brakes are compatible with the Project BMX frame and can be fitted by third party bike shops.

Why is the bike so expensive? 

The cost reflects the meticulous craftsmanship and high end components that go into creating a super fun riding experience. Our bikes feature a custom chromoly frame, known for its lightweight yet durable characteristics, providing and exceptional foundation for your cycling adventures. The integration of the battery into the saddle not only enhances the bikes aesthetics but also contributes to the well-balance and streamlined design. 

Moreover, our bikes are equipped with cutting-edge mid-drive motor offering superior power and efficiency compared to a traditional hub motor. The mid-drive motor optimally distributes power, providing a smoother rider an imprved handling. This technology, along with the custom frame and integrated battery significantly enhances the overall performance and longevity of the bike. 

Whilst the initial investment may be higher, our commitment to using top-tier material and innovative design ensures you receive a high-quality, reliable product. The result is a bike that not only delivers an outstanding riding experience but also stands the test of time.

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