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Project BMX SpecsUpdated 7 months ago

How fast does the bike go?

Up to 36kph/23mph Pedal Assist + Throttle.

What is the range?

Up to 60km/37 miles with pedal assist. Up to 25km with throttle only.

Does it have speed modes?

Project BMX has 5 different speed modes that the user can select from the handlebar display.

How much does the bike weigh?

20kgs / 44lbs

What is the rider weight limit?

The saddle and frame are rated up to 130kg/285lbs

What size is the battery?

Project BMX has a 36V 9.6Ah 45.6Wh removable battery that weighs 2kg/4.4lbs

How powerful is the motor?

The Bafang M560 48V gear drive system is rated 500W with 130Nm max torque.

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