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Project BMX Compatibility and AccessoriesUpdated 4 months ago

Are other wheels compatible with Project BMX? 

The Project BMX comes with 24" x 2.10 tyres. Third party whees that match these dimensions are compatible. 

What tubes are compatible with the Project BMX wheels

The Project BMX uses 24 x 1.9/2.125 " tubes.

What accessories are compatible with the Project BMX?

The Project BMX frame is compatible with most standard bike accessories. It has a traditional bottle mount on the down tube and mounting points on the rear fork. Just like a regular bike it is best to check the geometry of he accessory against the frame to ensure compatibility. 

Are hydraulic brakes compatible with the Project BMX?

Yes, hydraulic brakes are compatible with Project BMX. However, we recommend having them installed by a professional third party bike mechanic. Ensure compatibility with specific brake parts before installation to guarantee optimal performance and safety. 

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