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Want to know the difference between the GTR series 1 & 2?

What is the difference between the GTR2 and the GTR1?

We have taken what we have learnt from the Hadean series and amalgamated it with the form factor of the GTR!

Are the GTR/Stoke Series 2 decks the same as the GTR/Stoke Series 1 decks?

The Series 2 are exactly the same in shape as the iconic Series 1, with some minor changes.

Are the GTR2 motors the same as the GTR1 motors?

No, the motors are different. The GTR Series 1 uses 5065 1500w rated motors and the GTR Series 2 uses 6368 3000w rated motors resulting in additional torque and better heat management.

Are the Stoke Series 2 motors the same as the Stoke Series 1 motors?

Yes, they are both 5065 1500w rated motors. The only difference is the motor connectors.

Are the GTR2 motors the same/as powerful as the Hadean motors?

Both motors are 6368 3000w rated, however, the power output is different.

Why is the range the same on the GTR1 and GTR2?

Since the launch of the GTR Series 1 we have had amazing feedback on the range and performance, so have carried this battery technology to Series 2. Both batteries are a 36V, 14Ah, 504wh lithium-ion battery.