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Shipping Dangerous Goods InternationallyUpdated 2 years ago

New Board Purchases

If you are looking to join the Evolve family by purchasing a new skateboard, please check our international website for your local distributor.

If you can't find it, please don't hesitate to contact our HQ for assistance.


Shipping a Skateboard Yourself

Shipping your skateboard or battery internationally can be a long and costly exercise. Quotes can range from $280 to above $1,000 (AUD) one way, depending on the location.

Most information the shipping company will need is on the inside of your battery (GTR/Stoke). If you have been asked for the MSDS, please contact our HQ for assistance.


Difficult to Ship

Unfortunately, some countries have strict import regulations on items like electric skateboards due to the size of the battery in the deck.

For example:

  • Shipping from Australia to New Zealand is close to impossible as New Zealand's borders are very strict.
  • Israel may not accept electrical components from electric skateboards at their border.
  • Be wary of shipping an electric skateboard into Singapore that was not sold there originally as the law requires specific firmware installed.

Be sure to check the import regulations on the country you wish to ship to first!

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