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How long is the warranty?Updated 8 months ago

The warranty on most Evolve Skateboards equipment is 12 months from the date of purchase subject to the conditions and exceptions found in our Warranty Policy.

Subject to this policy, if a Product fails to be of acceptable quality during the Warranty Period due to a defect in material or workmanship, Evolve will either at Evolve’s cost:

  1. repair the Product; or
  2. replace the Product with the same or equivalent Product (having regard to function, specification and design); or
  3. provide the Customer with a refund for the Purchase Price of that Product.

Products from other brands we stock are subject to that brand's warranty policy.

Scope of Warranty

The Warranty does not cover damage to a Product that, in Evolve’s reasonable opinion, has been damaged due to:

  1. normal wear and tear;
  2. transport or shipping of the Product;
  3. theft of the Product;
  4. use of the Product for a purpose other than as expressly described by Evolve, including for commercial purposes, or unusually high or excessive usage of the Product during the Warranty Period;
  5. any act or omission of any person other than Evolve;
  6. abuse, misuse, negligence, improper use or accidents, including using or storing the Product in adverse environments (including damp, sandy or corrosive environments), water damage, dropping the Product onto the ground or colliding with objects;
  7. unauthorised disassembly, tampering or alterations, modifications or repairs being made to the Product;
  8. use of the Product in a manner contrary to law; or
  9. failure to comply with any user manuals or guidelines provided by Evolve from time to time for the Product, including maintenance and storage obligations.
  • The Warranty does not cover Consumable Components for the entirety of the Warranty Period.
  • Evolve will not repair or replace a Product if the Customer has been refunded the Purchase Price for the Product.

Evolve Australia Extended Warranty

For new skateboard purchases, we offer an Extended Warranty. If you have purchased from Evolve Skateboards directly or through one of our retailers, you have a 30 day period from the date of receipt to contact us and purchase. If you have purchased from a retailer, please include a copy of your receipt.

Evolve USA Extended Warranty

Customers purchasing through the USA website have the option to extend their warranty for 1, 2 or 3 years with the third-party company, Extend.


Evolve Canada, New Zealand and UK

Unfortunately, extended warranties in these regions are currently not offered. We plan to introduce this as we Evolve.

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