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How do I remove the pivot cups from double kingpin trucks?Updated 2 years ago

  1. Remove top kingpin nut, strut, washer and bushing.

    *Whilst removing the truck arm pivot cup, be sure to keep the bottom kingpin nut secure so the truck arm doesn't move.

  2. Using a flathead screwdriver, raise the pivot cup out of the truck arm. Grab the edge of the pivot cup with pliers if needed and pull the pivot cup all the way out.

    *Tip: getting the right angle with the flathead is helpful.

  3. Press a new pivot cup into the truck arm and apply a small amount of general-purpose grease to the inner surface of the pivot cup.

  4. Remove the bottom kingpin nut, washer and bushing; and repeat the above process.

  5. Reinstall by repeating this process in reverse.

See more info on adjusting your trucks below!

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