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How do I maintain my board?Updated 7 months ago

If you regularly clean and maintain your electric longboard, it will last a long time and ride at its best:

Always clean your bearings for the best roll and quietest/ smoothest ride. Bearings get dirty and affect ride quality which may reduce battery performance and cause possible bearing failure.

Always check all screws/nuts throughout the skateboard are tight (truck nuts, wheel nuts etc). You are responsible for this and they may loosen over time.

Occasionally rotate the wheels on the skateboard diagonally, so front right to back left etc. as the drive wheels will wear the fastest.

Regularly clean & check the belt and drive gear for any damage. Replace if necessary.

For all terrain boards, keep your tyre pressure at 40 - 45 PSI for the best range.

Always store your board at room temperature.

Clean your board from dust and dirt so it looks and rides as new, a clean board will last longer. Use a damp & dry cloth to clean.

Make sure motors are clean and free of excess play or strange noises. If they get really hot whilst riding, give them some time to cool down.

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