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How do I maintain my battery?Updated 2 years ago

Your battery and therefore your board should always be stored at room temperature. Excessive heat can permanently affect or damage the battery. The board does have heat protection software in place should this occur whilst riding to prevent the battery from overheating.

If left in a hot car, hot environment or exposed to other factors that may cause excessive heat, the heat protection software can’t reduce temperatures, and your battery may be affected permanently.

Cold temperatures will affect battery life and power output. If you are riding in low temperatures you may experience lower range, top speed and acceleration. Exposing the battery to excessively low temperatures may have a permanent effect or cause damage.

The battery cannot charge past 42 volts as the charger has voltage cutoff detection installed, however, we recommend removing it from charge once the charger shows green and also only using Evolve chargers with your board.

If you will not be using your battery for a prolonged period of a MONTH OR MORE, it is recommended to STORE IT BETWEEN 40 AND 50%. Leaving it fully charged and unused can result in permanent loss of total capacity. If the battery is stored near depleted for a prolonged period of time, it may drop to an unrecoverable voltage.

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