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Evolve’s Patent and Patent Pending TechnologyUpdated 2 years ago

Evolve Skateboards has been proudly innovating the electric skateboard industry since 2012 and has spared no expense in R&D in order to bring you the latest in e-skate design and technology. In fact, this first began with founders Jeff and Fleur Anning selling their family home in 2011 to create the first generation of boards. 

Some of the most notable firsts Evolve have brought to the industry include interchangeable drive gears, carbon fibre deck enclosures, flexible PCB battery technology and a two-in-one truck design that allows for AT and street wheel conversions, plus many more, including most recently our Hadean chassis style deck frame that allows for maximum performance with no additional bulk. 

Some of these ideas we have protected as part of our intellectual property portfolio, and there are numerous other electric skateboard brands' patents that we respect as they have also protected their own original concepts. Our industry is no different to any other in this regard. We see this as part of running an effective and responsible company with a long term business model to create a sustainable brand that continues to look after customers for many years to come. 

The Evolve brand is still family owned and is proud to support local communities around the world by employing passionate locals where thriving electric skateboarding communities are based so they can have the best customer service and support teams as well as community based events that aim to foster and grow this amazing sport we all love. 

With a team of designers now based at our Gold Coast HQ, we will continue to work to create innovative solutions as a brand that fosters an industry of creativity and new ideas.

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