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Top speed, range, E-FOC, etc.

What is the top speed, range and recharge time on the series 2?

Stats for our stock standard boards.

What is E-FOC?

E-FOC is responsible for the quiet, smooth, and controlled delivery you will feel when riding this board!

Is the Phaze remote drop tested?

We vigorously tested the remote ourselves and with military-grade specifications!

Can I take my GTR2 /Stoke 2 on a plane?

Our GTR Bamboo Series 2 / Stoke Series 2 Travel Battery (4Ah / 144wh) can be taken onto a plane with airline approval prior to boarding.

Is the GTR2 Waterproof?

We do not rate any of our boards to be water-resistant but in newer models, we have made every effort we can to protect the electrical components in accidental situations.