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What street wheels should I pick?Updated 2 years ago

We have a variety of street wheels available and you’re probably wondering which one is right for you? Here's a little insight:

You can't go wrong with our 97mm Evolve GTR Street Wheels, these are a 76a urethane compound designed and made in California by the guys who make some of the best skateboard wheels on the market. They are a specially designed Inline Race Formula to maximise speed while maintaining a soft and grippy ride experience.

If you're after a smaller street wheel with 3 different compound options, check out Orangatang's 85mm Caguama range! Blue (77a) for something soft and grippy, orange (80a) for an all-rounder and purple (83a) for extra strength for aggressive riding or sliding.

The Evolve ABEC 11 F1 107mm wheels are our premium street wheel! The size will offer you maximum top speed while the soft compound will ensure your rides are kept smooth and plush.


For further information on our street wheel range, check out the video below.

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