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Remote CompatibilityUpdated 2 years ago

We are into our fifth generation of boards now!

Each generation is specific to their firmware and components are not cross-compatible with previous generations. The components such as the batteries, motor controller, motors and remotes, need the complete electronic system to operate, and it physically will not fit with previous models.

Phaze to GTR

The Phaze remote is compatible with the GTR/Stoke Series 1, however, not all features are available such as temperature readings, battery data, warnings, ride tracking, wake-up feature and LED light control.



The R2 Bluetooth Remote can only communicate with a GTR Bluetooth motor controller. The GT boards use WiFi communication and can only communicate with the GT WiFi motor controller. If these remotes are swapped then they will not pair.


GT to Gen1/2

The GT remotes are not compatible with the Gen1/2 series. As the technology is old, Gen1/2 parts are becoming harder and harder to find or manufacture. Unfortunately at this stage, we are not able to obtain any remotes as some components have become obsolete and we are unable to find a reliable and viable alternative. If you believe the remote may be repairable, please contact our tech department for assistance. 

It's important to remember that electric transport like eSkates are still in the early days of evolution. We will continue to adapt to the ever-changing technology as we Evolve through our journey! 



  • 5th Gen: Hadean
  • 4th Gen: GTR Carbon, GTR Bamboo, Stoke
  • 3rd Gen: GT Carbon, GT Bamboo, GTX, ONE Board, ONE GT
  • 1st/2nd Gen: Pintail, Snubnose, Bamboo Series, Carbon Series
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