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Fraudulent OrdersUpdated 3 months ago

Evolve Skateboards have been hit with a number of instances relating to credit card fraud. For this reason, we have tight security protocols and have certain procedures in place to help us fight fraudsters!

We have partnered with online fraud prevention solutions that screen transactions on behalf of businesses. They then alert them if they find a high-risk transaction and in most cases, they or we contact customers directly to verify the transaction. This protects consumers against unauthorised credit card use and protects businesses against fraud chargebacks.

If your order requires verification, our security team will reach out to you via these email addresses.

Should you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.


I did not make the transaction and neither did anyone that has access to my credit card. What do I do now?

After confirming that the transaction was truly unauthorised, we recommend that you contact your credit card company and inform them that your card has been compromised. Also, review the latest transactions on your account to ensure there is no other fraudulent activity to report. Your financial institution will likely put a hold on all future purchases from the compromised account and issue a new one for future use.

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