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Can I take my GTR/Stoke on a plane?Updated 2 years ago

The majority of airlines state that you can travel onboard an aeroplane with a lithium-ion battery between 100 - 160wh. 

Our GTR Standard Battery (14Ah / 504wh) cannot be taken onto any plane due to its large size.

Our GTR/Stoke Travel Battery (4.2Ah / 144wh) can be taken onto a plane with airline approval prior to boarding. Follow these points to ensure you have a simple and safe journey:

  • Every airline has its own policies. Ensure you confirm that your airline accepts lithium-ion batteries before booking your flights. Then, notify the airline during check-in (or in advance) that you have spare batteries in your possession.
  • Disassemble the travel battery from your board and store it in your carry-on luggage. Most airlines require the exposed plugs to be covered with a piece of tape (be sure not to take the tape roll on board).
  • Store the rest of your board with your check-in luggage. (Tip! Travel with the original box if you don't have a suitable bag)
  • All the technical information you need to travel is on the battery itself.
  • You can carry a maximum of 2 travel batteries per person.

Please note, the GTR Travel Battery is a third of the size of the GTR Standard Battery and will decrease the overall range by two thirds. See our Comparison Chart for more information.

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