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Board Component CompatibilityUpdated 2 years ago

We are into our fifth generation of boards now!

Each generation is specific to their firmware and are not cross-compatible with previous generations. The components such as the batteries, motor controller, motors and remotes, need the complete electronic system to operate, and it physically will not fit with previous models.

For example, the GTR motors have custom waterproof connectors and can only connect to the GTR Bluetooth motor controllers, they will not assemble to the GT motor controllers.



  • 5th Gen: Hadean
  • 4th Gen: GTR Carbon, GTR Bamboo, Stoke
  • 3rd Gen: GT Carbon, GT Bamboo, GTX, ONE Board, ONE GT
  • 1st/2nd Gen: Pintail, Snubnose, Bamboo Series, Carbon Series
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