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Battery Charger CompatibilityUpdated 2 years ago

We are into our fifth generation of boards now!

Each generation is specific to its components are not cross-compatible with previous generations. The battery chargers have different shape connectors and they physically will not fit with previous models.

Hadean 5a Charger

The Hadean charger is the biggest charger we offer with a specially designed charging port designed specifically for the Hadean series. The charger has a fan for ultimate cooling and an automatic shut off. Be sure to still remove the cable from the board after charging has finished as per the User Manual.

GTR/Stoke 4a Charger

The GTR charging port is shaped like the letter D making it impossible to use any other Evolve charger. The GTR charger cannot fit any older Evolve board due to being a D shaped connector. The reason we changed the connector shape is to prevent people from using non Evolve chargers and potentially damaging the power flex battery.

GT 4a and 2a Chargers

The GT Charger can be used for GT, GTX, ONE and most Gen2 boards. If you are unsure what charger to use, please contact our team with a picture of your charge port and we can point you in the right direction.



  • 5th Gen: Hadean
  • 4th Gen: GTR Carbon, GTR Bamboo, Stoke
  • 3rd Gen: GT Carbon, GT Bamboo, GTX, ONE Board, ONE GT
  • 1st/2nd Gen: Pintail, Snubnose, Bamboo Series, Carbon Series
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