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🎥 Info behind our products and brand!


Behind the Brand

The untold story of Evolve Skateboards.

7 Myths About Electric Skateboards

Every wondered myths are floating around amongst the eSkate community? Now you can find out.

Common Mistakes

There are a handful of common mistakes riders make all the time so we’ve laid them out so you can maximise your Evolve experience.

How a Skater Rides an Evolve

Check out this video of Tyler, our 2019 UK Open Champ showcasing how he rides Evolve Skateboards.

Which Evolve Board is Best?

Ever wondered what board would best suit you? Look no further.


Ever wanted a board where you can get the best performance whether you are riding on a footpath or an off-road trail? Then this is for you.

Why choose street wheels?

Curious about riding with street wheels? Look no further.

Bamboo VS Carbon

The age-old debate - Bamboo VS Carbon GTR? Let's take a look at all the reasons why a rider may choose one or the other.

Gears on a Skateboard

Join us as we get technical diving into the world of gearing to give you guys a better idea of what to expect from your board when you change wheel and gear setups!

How fast can the Hadean go?

In this video, we put both low and high gearing to the test to see what the difference are in a real-world environment, and just how fast this board will go.