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🙋 General tech support questions

Where is your Service Centre?

We have a Service Centre based in each distributor's country. We currently do not have any authorised Service Centres outside of these locations. Click for more.

How long will my board battery last before it needs replacing?

Lithium-Ion batteries can last up to 700-1000 cycles, however, capacity will drop over time. Click for more.

What is considered normal wear and tear on street wheels?

Wear on wheels can vary depending on their durometer, how they are used, and what sort of surfaces they are used on. Click for more.

Why don’t the motors stop at the same time?

Motors stopping at different times is normal. The main factor is the resistance from the drivetrain usually caused by different belt tensions.

Board Power Light - flashing or solid?

GTR = always solid or off. GT = always flashing or off. If you are experiencing anything different from the above, it may indicate that there is an issue in the electrics