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How do I get the best range and performance out of my battery?

Many factors can affect range such as rider weight, riding style, riding terrain, elevation gain, wheel and gear setup, belt tensions, tyre pressures, bearing condition, battery age and even ambient temperature. ECO mode has been designed specificall

Charging your board overnight

The charger has an automatic cut-off when the board is fully charged, however, we recommend unplugging it as soon as it's charged as a precaution. Related articles:

Storing your Evolve Skateboard

If you need to store your board for long periods, the battery should sit between a 40 and 50% charge and stored in a cool dry environment. It’s a good idea to clean the board and make sure no moisture is present before storing it. Related articles:

How do I maintain my battery?

Your battery and therefore your board should always be stored at room temperature. Excessive heat can permanently affect or damage the battery. The board does have heat protection software in place should this occur whilst riding to prevent the batte

How do I maintain my board?

If you regularly clean and maintain your electric longboard, it will last a long time and ride at its best:. Always clean your bearings for the best roll and quietest/ smoothest ride. Bearings get dirty and affect ride quality which may reduce batter

Downloadable User Manuals

Hadean (2021 - Present)Hadean & Phaze Remote ManualGTR & Stoke (2019 - Present)R2 Bluetooth User ManualGTR User ManualStoke User ManualGT & GTX Series (2016 - 2019)R2 Remote & Board User ManualONE Remote ManualGen2 (2013 - 2016)Remote Manual

Evolve’s Patent and Patent Pending Technology

Evolve Skateboards has been proudly innovating the electric skateboard industry since 2012 and has spared no expense in R&D in order to bring you the latest in e-skate design and technology. In fact, this first began with founders Jeff and Fleur Anni

R2 Bluetooth Trigger Reset Written Instructions (GTR)

Please see below for pages 27 to 29 of the R2 Bluetooth Remote User Manual. If you prefer a video tutorial, click here.

R2 Trigger Reset Written Instructions (GT)

Test if your concern persist. If it does, please send a photo of the trigger screen and any additional details to your local tech support team.